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The Burundian Government Holds the Opening Ceremony of the China-aided Presidential Office

On September 26, the Burundian government solemnly held the opening ceremony of the Presidential Office. President Nkurunziza cut the ribbon for the new presidential palace, unveiled the plaque, and led Ambassador Li Changlin to visit the presidential office facilities. The second Vice President of Burundi Butore, the Speaker of the National Assembly Nyabenda, the President of the Senate Ndikuriyo, the investigating officer Nduwimana, the ministers of the government, the provincial governors, and the heads of the military and police departments participated in the meeting. Thousands of representatives from the diplomatic envoys and international organizations, the Political Counselor of the Embassy Wang Yuan, the Commercial Counselor Lu Jun, and the surrounding people attended the event.

Ambassador Li said in his speech that the President attended the official kick-off ceremony of the China-aided Ruzibazi hydropower station a week ago. In an interview with CCTV reporters, he highly praised the achievements of China-Burundi cooperation and extended congratulations to President Xi Jinping and the Chinese people on the National Day of China. Today, the attendance at the opening ceremony of the Presidential Office reflects the President’s high attention to the high-level and mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Burundi. The presidential office project was officially launched in November 2015 and completed in October 2018. Ambassador Li stressed that China's development has entered a new historical stage and is moving toward the direction of realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. China-Burundi relations are at the best of history, and Burundi is one of China’s most friendly African countries. China regards Burundi as an "all-weather" friend and is committed to building a closer community of a shared future between China and Africa together with African countries including Burundi. In recent years, China-Burundi cooperation has continued to deepen. China has implemented many projects in the fields of infrastructure, education, agriculture, and health. Recently, it has provided anti-Ebola medical supplies to Burundi, some other regions and countries. Under the guidance China policy of sincerity, real results, affinity, and good faith to Africa, China will actively cooperate with the relevant departments of Burundi to promote the outcome of the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation as soon as possible. China is willing to listen to the opinions of Burundi and jointly explore ways and approaches to expand the fields of cooperation.

President Nkurunziza thanked the China for the construction of the presidential office of Burundi. He believed that this majestic project would become the landmark building of Bujumbura City, which is the first presidential palace in the history of the government. It is also a witness to the unbreakable friendship between China and Burundi, and a milestone in bilateral relations. Nkurunziza stressed that the 56-year relationship between Burundi and China, which is also his age, is the closest and most reliable relationship among all bilateral relations. Even after Burundi’s crisis in May 2015, China has always stood with Burundi and firmly maintained Burundi’s the national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Burundi is willing to continue to deepen all-round cooperation with China, strengthen high-level political mutual trust between the two countries, and push the bilateral relations to a new level. Today is an important step in the development of the country. It is a special day that the people of Burundi can never forget. The people of Burundi surely will be grateful to the Chinese friends and strive to achieve the country's independent and sustainable development.

The guests praised China's contribution to the economic and social development of Burundi and took group photos. The drum group and the chorus team of Burundi gave a wonderful performance. The atmosphere on site was grand, warm and festive.

Xinhua News Agency, Burundi’s National Radio and Television, Agency, Reuters, Radio France International and other media reported on the event.

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